Monday, February 10, 2020

Ifnormation security and assurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Ifnormation security and assurance - Essay Example The up to date tools and technologies provided by the information technology helped businesses to computerize and organize their business operations and consequently improve their business performance. Despite the fact that, the ideas of remote working, storage, processing and communication are not new, because in every decade we have seen a lot of developments and efforts carried out in these areas. However, at the moment we in reality see these ideas as a genuine implementation, in the form of cloud computing. Actually, the cloud services are offered by a third party. So the secret data and information of an organization are stored on the servers of that third party. In this scenario, organizations believe that there emerge a number of security issues for business organizations due to cloud computing environment. This paper discusses some of the important security issues in cloud computing. Index Terms—Cloud Computing, IaaS, SaaS, Cloud I. Introduction This paper presents a detailed analysis of cloud computing related security issues. In the past few years, the cloud computing has emerged an attractive platform which provides on-demand, reliable and expandable (as these services can be reduced or expanded depending on the organization’s needs) computing power to organizations. ... With the adoption of cloud computing the business organizations are able to get a large number of advantages such as utility computing, Virtualization, scalability, the ability to outsource data and processes, pay-per-use services and access to almost infinite computing resources (Aleem & Sprott, 2013; Dahbur et al., 2011; Hudic et al., 2013). In addition, this wide variety of affordable and consistent services have caught the attention of a large number of business organizations, which have decided to shift their business data, application or major operations of it into the cloud. In fact, the recent studies and researches conducted to determine the impact of cloud computing on business organizations show a beyond belief expansion; on behalf of more than 16% of the world software sales with a market of more than $46 billion. In fact, for the majority of business organizations cloud computing is believed to be an affordable, helpful and an appropriate choice for the reason that the a doption of cloud computing allows them to diminish the total expenditure of technology ownership. Without a doubt, cloud computing model provides a wide variety of tools and techniques to improve business productivity, however, there are certain security issues connected with the use of cloud computing. In order to take benefit of cloud computing a business organization must effectively deal with these issues (Aleem & Sprott, 2013; Dahbur et al., 2011; Hudic et al., 2013). II. Security Issues Cloud computing is an attractive information technology (IT) trend which ensures the implementation of the utility computing model broadly using Virtualization technologies. Keeping in mind the numerous advantages of cloud computing, an increasing number of business

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